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A two-component high performance, fast-setting epoxy adhesive. The product is ideal for applications such as vertical cladding of marble and stone, underwater tiling and marble fixing on ply, CFB and bison board.
Lapox Ultrafix is available in the pack size of 1.5 kg.

Lapox Ultrafix 1.5 kg

  • Description:

    Lapox Ultrafix is two component, multi-functional, fast setting and high strength versatile construction, epoxy adhesive system. This is used for spot bonding of large stone and tiles on vertical surfaces and has high mechanical strength as well as outstanding resistance to water and chemicals. Lapox Ultrafix resin and hardener are to be mixed thoroughly in the recommended mixing ratio to achieve optimum results.


    • Adhesive for bedding marble
    • Granite and other stone on walls
    • Anchoring grouts for reinforcing steel
    • Bonding of fabricated components
    • Repairing material for concrete cracks
    • Spot bonding for marbles and granites on concrete surfaces



    • Allows plumb level adjustments while the stone is in place
    • Fast curing (handling strength within 60 minutes to 90 minutes) Faster productivity due to rapid curing
    • High bond strength on damp surfaces
    • Out-standing resistance to water and chemicals
    • Reduction in labor cost
    • Setting of clamps
    • Drilling and cutting of stone is not required

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